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Hey everyone I noticed that we don't have any "case" section under components and whenever I build a system I always wonder about the case and its quaity as well as the quality of the power supply (usually built in). My planned system:
AMD Tbred (when they come out)
Epox or Asus mobo (with the latest 166 fsb, probably VIA KT333)
around 120 GB HD (prob Maxtoror some other company)
All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV or Radeon 8500 + TV Tuner card
256 MB DDR PC2700
16x DVD Drive
24X write CD-RW
Water Cooling (either Innovatek or self-made)

I am a power user and a gamer but I perfer not to overclock. Anyways my question is: What cases do you guys like an use? Please link if possible. I know a common fav. is the Antec 1030 and 1040. What is any of your experinces with this case and others? FYI I found a deal on a Antec 1030B (black) equivalent (some case under a diff. name) It is made by Chieftech at NewEgg: http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?description=11-125-107 . Also is the Antec 300W PSU unit in this case sufficient. I always use only a 300W for AMD systems and I am yet to have any problems. I know people here like the Enermex PSUs but I have also heard good things about the Antec PSUs. Any opinions there?

My last question is about the video cards. I am currenty using an All-In-Wonder Radeon and I love the TV and all of the features. For my new system I wanted to go with either the All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV (which has a very cool RF remote) or a Radeon 8500 plus a seperate TV Tuner. I have seen and used dual monitor support and I love it so that is what I like about the latter config. as well as the slightly lower price and slightly better performance. Any experinces with those?

Thanks in advance for any info. It will help me out a lot. And AMDMeltdown and Intel_Inside please don't get near this board, AMD is better end of that disscusion and it will not melt : )

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  1. I have one of <A HREF="http://www.aopen.nl/products/housing/hx08.htm" target="_new">these.</A>

    Excellent case. 300W quiet PSU as standard. Optional 350W or 400W. AMD approved. Solid case with loads of options and room.

    :cool: <b><font color=blue>The Cisco Kid</font color=blue></b> :cool:
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