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Hello guys,

I recently posted a thread asking what processor, psu, mobo, etc. should go with an hd 7870 and I was on a budget, but recently I have freed up a bigger budget and I think I am going to go with the Hd 7970 instead. I am sure the fx-6300 I had previously chosen as a cpu would cause some sort of bottlenecking problems and I was wondering what would be a good cpu, mobo, and power source to go with it to run at its full performance without costing me a whole lot more money. Really appreciate any help!
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    The i5-3570k+z77 motherboard, a good one is the asrock z77 extreme 4.
    For a psu :
    Less than 60$ after promo code an rebate.
  2. Use djangoringo's power supply and go with the i5-3570k.

    This motherboard is good as well as djangoringo's:

    Well reviewed, and not too pricey as well.
  3. cool thanks guys. And would 8gb of ram and a 1tb hdd be good with those?
  4. The only bottle-necking you could expect from anything would be not having adequate power, using the wrong type of ram, and not ensuring adequate and proper air circulation and ventilation humidity can severely affect performance).

    Always check the manufacturer website of the model number and at least try to get the ram type from the Qualified Vendors list (or near to it), if possible, matching voltage and timings.
  5. leahy93 said:
    cool thanks guys. And would 8gb of ram and a 1tb hdd be good with those?

    Yes, the capacity of the hdd doesn't matter as long it's 7200 rpm or if you can afford a ssd to go with it, the better.
    8GB is suffice for gaming, as long as it's a dual channel kit(single channel will do, but it's slightly faster going with dual channel) with the voltage rated no more than 1.5V, you're fine.
  6. Thanks this really helped
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