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hi i recently just bought a gtx 680 evga superclocked edition for my first build. everything went smoothly
i could play border lands 2 very well with everything on high. then the screen went dark and i got a lower resolution with these strange white lines all over my dislpay. I tried uninstalling my grahics drivers and then installing them but this had no effect. The computer said it could not detect the gpu when i tried going into the nvidia control panel. I have tried using a differnent cable with 2 different displays but i got the same picture. I even took the gpu out and back into the same pci slot and a different one but still no effect.

Does this mean that my gpu crashed or can it be fixed. if so, how?
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  1. Sys specs for my pc

    GYG z77x ud3h motherboard
    2 gb gtx 680 supercloked edition
    1 tb hdd
    corsair tx 750 watt power
    8 gb 4x2 kinston
    i7 3370k
    h60 water cooler
  2. Does this persist mykggg or was this a one time deal. What this could be is artifacting and if you had just purchased your graphics card I would consider returning your card and getting a new one. It is not from the drivers. With how light on resources borderlands 2 is I would be concerned. If you could if this happens again could you print screen it and upload it somewhere and post it here?

    here is an example of artifacting.
  3. yes this still persists it looks exactly to what you have but lower resolution and more severe
  4. it happens everytime i boot the system. device manager says that the gpu was disabled because their was a problem with it
  5. Yea I would return the card where did you buy it did you buy it in store? If so return it to the store if you bought it from a online retailer RMA the card.
  6. ya ill return it i got it from the store but the box says to return to evga and if i rma it will they give my a new card or just a refurbished one
  7. No, I would return it to the store. They would more then likely just send you a new one but you recently purchased the card it doesn't work you deserve a replacement and that is exactly what I would tell them.
  8. thank you but is this problem popular with a lot of graphics cards
  9. It's isn't but it can happen at any time when you own a graphics card and means that the card has a defect and isn't working properly they have software out there that tests for this sort of thing called furmark. People fear this sort of thing happening to there card. You are quite lucky it happened when you first got the card otherwise you would of had to wait which wouldn't have taken long knowing EVGA but still.
  10. Indeed they are pretty awesome they may not make the best cooled cards but they certainly provide the best experience.
  11. great thx guys but do you think overheating can play a large role in this i only used the card for 2 hours
  12. What care are you currently using. By the way I don't think your card would overheat you have a very low heat producing card the 600 series cards don't produce much in terms of heat unless you are doing something like 2-3 way SLi. A good way to look at your temps is to use a software afterburner works, evga percision does this as well, I use gpu-z to look at my temps I'll post a link of my temps :)
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