How we implement LAN between 20 computers

I have an small thriving company and I would like to know to all those tech savvy people out there what would be the best way to implement 20-25 computers on a LAN? What would be the best topology and what components and/or devices would I need?
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  1. While there are many very smart people around here, your question is really quite complex and depends on your individual needs, physical layout, and current equipment.

    Particularly since you are small but thriving, and should consider future growth requirements, you really need to have a good network IT consultant involved in your planning.

    Do you have in-house IT or have you just done it yourself up to this point?
  2. Well for one I have an IT person who like myself isn't particularly qualified. She is someone when we first started out had alot more computer savvy than most. Now that the company is starting to grow I know in the future I will need someone to come in. My problem is I'm looking for some advice to give to the IT specialist so I can have an general idea and will not get beat! For one I have 24 computers. 19 of them have licensed versions of Windows 95; the newest machines have licensed versions of Windows 2000 Workstation. My plan is to upgrade to Windows 7 enterprise. 19 of the computers will be for my workers while the other 5 is for payroll and managerial. What type of topology do you suggest would be best for this office?
  3. At this point in your growth I would also seriously recommend you just seek out a good IT consultant that can make all of these recommendations for you as every office is a unique case. Without doing a proper inventory of all equipment and business needs plus a site survey of your office, making any real recommendations would be difficult and this would also help you come up with a plan that includes room for future expansion, it will pay for itself in the long run doing it properly. Also if you find a nice consultant a lot of us are willing to help teach your IT person in regards to the changes so that they can better maintain the network.
  4. Agreed with mryoink. Different offices uses different topology, and you will need to consult an IT personnel and clarify your needs, and your plans so that he can make arrangement and discuss with you further. We cant just define a topology.

    I've been to many places, and some uses the Tree, some uses the Star. Well, it still depends on your office layout any future plans.

    For your computer wise, are they new or old.. Why are they licensed under windows 95? Just to inform you that win 7 may not be to run on slow PCs. There are too many services and backend security running simultaneously. You might want to consider proceeding with winXP.
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