Computer shutdown/random boots.

I'm really not sure if this is the right place to ask this, sorry if it's not.

I've got a recently upgraded (about a month) system that is having some strange power issues.

A few days ago while not at home my computer turned itself on and was sitting at the login screen.

Yesterday It would randomly start the windows shutdown process (windows is logging off) then would lose power. I would have to hit the power switch for up to a minut before it would power on again.

It did this 2 more times throughout the day,

I don't belive it's over heating since I ran prime95 and super pi on it for about 2 hours. Although the temps did run high after about 30min. Max temps were around 79-81c.

It ran the test fine, but after about 30 min, it shut down again.

The power supply in it is less then a year old and all the other components are less then 1 month old bar harddrives and video card.


CPU- i5- 2400
mobo- ? Can get later if needed
psu- 600w thermaltake
ram- 8b gskill
gpu- xfx hd4890
hdd- 1tb wd caviar black, 500gb wd green
os- win7 ultimate

Once again, sorry if this is the wrong area, but thank you for any/all help.
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  1. Is your house prone to ghosts?

    Have you got any spare PSU's to try and swap in? I had the same problem awhile back and it was because of a powersurge busting my PSU which then produced similar symptoms following.

    Altho your temps might not be high, you could check what tempreture the automatic shut down is in your bios and adjust if it's too low.
  2. I wish it was a ghost, atleast that way I could just call a priest :P

    I might be able to find a psu somewhere to test with if it comes down to it.

    I'll check the bios temp threshold when I get home, but It never shutdown during stresstest when the temps were at the peak, it always seems to shutdown when its just sitting at the desktop not really in use.

    The power supply is only about 3 months old, although I know a power surge could take out a brand new or 9 year old psu at any point.
  3. Just had another thought too, does your keyboard have a sleep/shutdown button on it? Long shot but could be the keyboard being faulty. At least check that before buying a new PSU.
  4. Well I have a Logitec G15 but I don't belive I even have the specific sleep key bound.

    It's not acting like a normal sleep/shutdown.

    I see the computer recognize it is shutting down, goes to the blue log off screen for an instant, then the whole machine just loses power.
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