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Gtx 680 hydro copper help

I just bought an evga gtx 680 2gb. For cooling is water cooling necesary every moment i run the card? im planning a water cooling set up in 4 months and i am wondering if i can run my 680 hydeo copper without water cooling on bf3 metro 2033 ETC.
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    Yes it is necessary because that is the way you cool the card. You need a water cooling system to use it yes. Your card will over heat if you do not have a way of cooling it the heatsink alone will not keep it cool enough you need a water cooling system or you need to re consider your card choice till you have your kit.
  2. ... Yes, of COURSE it is.

    There's no way of cooling it otherwise ; how do you think you could avoid frying it?
  3. I'm confused are you saying you can or can't run it without water cooling the card dark.
  4. yes it is possible to run the card without watercooling. But you will need watercooling to start off with. After you set up watercooling, go get something like msi afterburner, underclock and undervolt the card to around 20mhz and get the lowest voltages you can. After that, remove the watercooling loop from your graphics card. And then start a gpu stress tester. If the card doesnt go above 80 degrees, it is fine, if it does, continue underclocking and undervolting.
  5. Just sounds like a bad idea lol you are running a card at way lower then what the card is advertised at by doing that no? I don't know.

    Is it me or does or does it sound really odd to go off buy a card with a water block and have no plans on water cooling it for idk 4 months with all but a super slim heatsink and water cooling input/outputs.
  6. This isnt a bad idea. Pehaps this is the only way to do so. This was what he requested and that was my solution. It should be picked as best comment as it is the only one that makes sense out of all the others which are just asking him to do something that he doesnt want to.
  7. Right because downgrading your card by undervolting and underclocking because he bought a WATER COOLING card and didnt have a WATER COOLING UNIT to place with it was a good idea if he wanted to use it right away. Its not about getting best comment surely if it works congratulations. My main concern is this guy doesn't end up hurting his hardware in the process I don't need a virtual award.
  8. I'm also pretty sure if you run it without water cooling it, you void your warranty on it if you kill it
  9. No, wouldn't advise it.

    Heard of a guy that was water-cooling his computer off a kitchen tap, so that way you could get massive flow and its always cool water. Forgot to turn on the tap when he used the rig, he was lucky there was still water in the loop as that prevented the components from killing themselves before they shut down due to overheating.
    Now imagine with no water in the loop.

    Even if you undervolted and underclocked like Crazypotato is suggesting, there would still be a heat output with no way of dissipating it. You might not even be able to undervolt the card too far anyway, might need a minimum voltage to work. Plus gaming performance if you did would be fairly horrible.
  10. Watercooling off a kitchen tap would be a great idea and would have a really clean internal case as much of the watercooling components are gone only leaving the tubing. That also removes dust in the computer. But the water might be dirty and the water bill would be really high.

    Im sure if you undervolt it enough and have good cooling especially a side fan blowing on the gpu, it should be quite adequate to cool the gpu down as there will be very few power phrases in use due to low voltages thus resulting in acceptable temperatures.

    You will also want either a liquid cooler or a aftermarket heatsink like the nhd14 which exhausts the air directly out of the case.

    And I am sure this is a troll topic so I wouldnt care much about it. But either way, my answers are not supposed to be trolling as the guy may just have possibly bought the card and do not want to watercool so I have a solution for him.
  11. You need to watercool since you got the hydro copper series. Which is why in the first place they already had the waterblock installed on the card for you so you can watercool it. Maybe you could return it to EVGA and get it changed into the non-hydro series instead if you think watercooling is a hassle for you.
  12. Ok..since it must be watercooling which manufacturer should i buy myparts from(ex. koolance ekwb etc.)
  13. Get which parts are best for your situation.
    Drop into the water-cooling forum and ask them for advice, they'l be able to help you make a good water-cooling loop. Make sure you read the sticky, it will be the first thing asked of you.
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