Changed my GPU, screen resolution doesn't fit my monitor

I've changed my graphics card from a pre-built HP desktop computer from a Radeon HD 6570 to a 5670 (I know it's literally just one-up, not a big upgrade). After un-installing and reinstalling the Catalyst Control Center and Graphic drivers (since updating did not work) my screen resolution won't fit my monitor size still!

Not only that but the video card fan is running pretty loud and fast only on the desktop.

I've come to the conclusion that I haven't installed my graphic drivers properly, so my question is:
How do I install my graphic drivers properly?
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  1. Well what I would do is uninstall your drivers and reinstall them and see if you can get your resolution to change.

    1. First uninstall your graphic card drivers (ATI/AMD catalyst drivers/control center.
    2. Use Drivesweeper to erase any remenants of the driver
    3. Download the latest driver from AMD's website and see if that does it.
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