Is this load 7870 temperature ok?

My english isn't very good, bare with me here.

I have a MSI HAWK 7870. Because I have big fans on my CPU cooler, the GPU sits in the secondary PCI-e slot, right above the PSU. There are also a few thin header wires that go in between the PSU and GPU. I am afraid that this causes my temperatures to go up while gaming.

In Far Cry 3 1080p on Ultra, my GPU temp peaks at 72*c after about 2 hours of game time. This scares me so I shut it down. At idle, the GPU temp is 25*c, so that isn't too bad.

Is 72*c while playing Far cry 3 a cause for concern? I don't want to fry my GPU.

Ambient temp - 22*c
Idle GPU - 25*c
Load GPU temp - 72*c

Mobo- z77 Extreme4
Case - Zalman Z9
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  1. Thats good Temp. No Worry.
    But, what is the speed of your fans?
  2. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Thats good Temp. No Worry.
    But, what is the speed of your fans?

    The GPU fan is at 40% when the GPU is around 70*c

    30% at idle.
  3. Download MSI Afterburner.
    Then set your Fan speed to "Auto."

    That will adjust your Fan Speed according to your GPU Usage.
    Very Helpful software. ;)
  4. +1 on afterburner love the software. And yes your temps are fine if they were to go into the mid 80's and start creeping towards 90 I would say you would have something to worry about but you sound golden at your current temps sir.
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