Dell inspiron 570 Sapphire 7850

Is it possible to use a Sapphire 7850 in a Dell Inspiron 570? Power connectors are not the same type
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  1. if it fits the case, then probably yes it is possible. Just use an adapter to change the power connectors that you will be needing. if you have 2 extra 4 pin molex and you need a 6 pin connector, you could use an adapter for it.\

    Just Check if you have enough cables for it and if your psu is enough for the needing power of the graphics card.
  2. What power supply does your computer have? I wouldn't rush to say that your computer can support the card.
  3. I checked the power supply and I think it is only 300w. You may need to change it if you can And then it would probably work.
  4. YEA!!!! You will need to change that out. It's not a maybe its a must get something in the ballpark of 550/650. Corsair TX, XFX PRO/CORE series will do just fine.
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