5.25 Floppy Help! Old Timers Please Read!

I have an old 586/Win95 I want to install a 5.25 floppy drive in as a legacy machine. I found a couple drives for free at a local computer store: literally in a "free salvage pile" of assorted 3-4-586 components. The two drives are different brands/models- one is a Teac FD-55GFR, the other is a Panasonic JU-475-5 -or possibly- JU-475-5 AKJ. Both appear mechanically intact; the Panasonic is missing one jumper that I replaced. I can not find any info on if the jumpers on either drive need to be configured any particular way.
- I tried one drive and when it failed I obtained the other; I tried them in the 586-PC as well as a ~4-yr old Acer Aspire running a Acer proprietary mobo/PII 350/Win98, as well as my current T-Bird 1200/Asus A7A266/Win98SE. In all three computers, both drives do exactly the same thing: they appear to boot properly (light comes on, drive looks for disk, light goes off). The "5 1/4" icon shows up in all OS's under "my computer", but the drive always spins: if I slide a disk inside it, I can hear the spindle rubbing against the disk. If I try to access the drive at all (with a disk locked in it or empty), all three computers hang for 30-45 seconds, then give a "drive busy/retry/cancel" message.
- The older two computers have very poor BIOS programs that don't let you manually assign floppies. The Asus BIOS allows assigning a floppy to a letter, but it still suffers the exact same malfunction as the other two PC's.
- The 586 computer had a floppy ribbon cable with both style of connectors on it, but the other two newer PC's didn't. The shop gave me a free cable also, that had both types of drive connectors on it. Both cables function with 3.5 drives; I can put a 3.5 floppy on either position of either cable and it works properly but both the 5.25's fail, on both cables and on both positions.
- I can return to the shop and look for a drive still inside a case and take that, but the two drives I already have failing *identically* makes me wonder if it's not my error. I am supposing that either I am doing something wrong, or that the drives were already removed because they didn't work. Is this a common way for 5.25 floppy drives to fail? - DougC
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  1. They weren't very reliable when we used them. I don't recall if the
    586 had a BIOS that still supported them.

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  2. If the light runs all the time the cable is backwards. The jumper is to adapt from AT to XT mode. And you have to have the drive set right in BIOS.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. 5.25 Floppy LOL....586! Maybe it's time you get alittle more up to Date! Dam you are an old Timmer

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  4. Damn modern people. Over the summer, we used some 286's!

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  5. lol....I got a question, what do you guys do with Old ass Computer Parts.. Old 100mhz pc's...33.6 modem's...8mb memory...2X cd-roms..10 yr old Mouses and Keyboards..

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  6. I have this program called garbage.bin, which is executed twice a week. The Mobo's get Pentium 233MMX processors, running at the wrong voltage (3.3v instead of 2.8v), an oversized cooler, and a warrantee when I sell them.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. I try to sell parts asap when upgrading, if can't then store them. sometimes end up with enough to build a computer, that's how I got my dad and mom into computers, built them two with spare parts. :).

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