No display after exiting game or ALT+TAB gtx650

I installed a gtx 650 and antec vp-450 in my Girlfriend's prebuilt today. This is the computer in question:

After installing the card, the computer recognized it right away and the WEI saw it and changed graphics and gaming graphics from 4.8 to 7.2. I thought that was interesting and went to download the drivers and install them. During the installation, the display would turn off and you would have to restart the computer manually. Nothing would wake up the display. I figured forget it and whatever.

She was playing dishonored for about an hour and when she exited the game, it did the same thing. No display at all. The monitor sleeps itself. Again the only way to fix it is to manually restart the computer with the power button.

Anyone have nay ideas? Thanks!
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  1. have you uninstalled the first drivers?
  2. The ones that the motherboard came with? Like the intel drivers?
  3. Oh, I thought it came with a video card. Just noticed it was using only intel HD. with that, you can try but i doubt that it is the problem. maybe a card problem, try it on other pc.
  4. The card works fine and runs games just as it should. This only happens when you exit a game so I figure it must be driver related.
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