Best 670 card, please help! I don't know what to choose.

Hey guys!

I've been doing alot of research and I have decided that I am going to get a gtx 670. However, I am unsure as to which card to choose. I have heard only great things about the galaxy 670 4gb and to be honest it looks really cool, but I have also heard great things about the EVGA, gigabyte and ASUS cards... I will be purchasing them from Newegg.

Please Help! I want to buy them tonight!
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  1. MSI PE 670. Enough said. Or EVGA. Can't go wrong with EVGA
  2. Also, don't buy a 4GB version - it doesn't make the card faster at all, it only helps with lag if you're using two of them in SLI on three monitors.
    This website Help u to find better card.
    All companies are using the Same hardware so focus on nearest service centers and warenty.
  4. Get the EVGA GTX 670 FTW or ASUS DIRECT CU2. Both are great cards and had already been overclocked for you
  5. I like the Gigabyte as well and it will be among the cheapest, the Asus is pretty sweet too though. Why is everyone recommending MSI PE edition cards did they resolve the overvolting issue or what.
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