My computer off when play games

I took my dad's pc as possible in only 3 years old so I change the ram, add graphics card and finally I change the motherboard but when
I had to change the motherboard ASROCK G41C-GS and a problem with my window so I format my computer to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, when I play games my computer off.Before i change the motherboard i can play game such as pes 2013.
this is my spec
Asrock G41C-GS, ddr2 4gb (2 ram), asus nvidia G210 512mb gddr2 and PSU 400W (SZ-400WP4)
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  1. The PSU might not have enough power as it is likely a cheap 400w and actually makes less than 300w.

    Are all the GPU drivers installed correctly. Also, a gt210 won't play games past lowest settings and lowered resolution.
  2. I'm guessing English isn't your first language?

    So the problem is your computer turns off when you play games. My first guess is that something is wrong with the cooling, and when you play games it overheats then shuts down to protect itself. You will want to check if the CPU cooler is mounted correctly.
  3. I have check and update the GPU and CPU coolers but stil same.
    so, what should I do? can anyone help me?
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