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HD 7750

Okay so I'm new here everyone. Hi :)

My question is, I'm getting a new gaming rig (i5-3550, GA-H77-DS3H, Thermaltake V2 Casing, Cooler Master GX-450W)

and about the Graphic Card, I only have 120$ left out for it. Now as for Graphic card, my only option is HD 7750.

Now I've heard my friends and some ppl on internet say that this card HD 7750 can only run games on medium settings, and what I want is some what high settings gameplay with around 35-40+ FPS. Is this true that this is not a good card? And if it's not, then please suggest me a good card.

I'm buying my products from this shop: This HD 7750 card is of Rs. 11,000 and my max budget is Rs.12,000.
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  1. well it depends on your monitor's resolution. if your resolution is 1280*720 or something like that then you can play most games on high settings smoothly . however if your resolution is 1600*900 or higher then its only possible to play on medium settings. also depends on games. some games are very demanding even at low resolutions and some are very light even at high resolutions
  2. I play games mostly at the resolution of 1280x768 even if I go to max that would be 1400x1050... I just don't want to experience lag in the games..

    Oh and the games I'm talking about are like NFS:TR, GTA4, MAFIA2, NFS:MW2, BF3, MW3 and a few bit more like The elder scrolls V... I just want to play these games smoothly at the resolution of 1280x768.
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    yes they should run smoothly at that resolution. am saying so coz i have the same card
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  5. I have a Radeon HD7750 in my own rig, and it does play A LOT of games very well in high settings. Although I do hear a lot of negative things about AMD and their drivers (or refusal to fix bugs in their driver updates.)

    My own problem is thus (and may or may not be fully card specific):

    High (93-99%) GPU usage consistently with temperatures around 70 degrees celcius on the desktop (i.e. no games running)

    Display driver stops responding while playing most games, most recently Far Cry 3 (Which runs immaculately with ultra high settings at 1080p until it crashes.)

    I have had the card tested and found to be in perfect working order, so the only answer I have is a problem with the drivers.

    Other than this slight issue I have found it to be a very good piece of hardware, that does experience some frame drop occasionally at 1080p on high settings in some games (Mostly the ice caves in Skyrim), but the drivers are pretty terrible, even with the immense amount of control the Catalyst control centre gives you
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