Two different GPUs (one workstation card, one gaming) on a single comp

Hey guys, I'm still rather new to the "build/customize your own computer" scene so you'll have to cut me a bit of slack ;-)
Was wondering if anyone has experience with putting two different GPUs in one rig? The reason I ask is because right now I have an nvidia quadro 4000 in my computer, which works great with the workstation apps I primarily use it for (CS6 etc.) but there are a couple aspects which are less than ideal. First: I'd like to add a couple more displays as the quadro only supports two. And second while it is amazing for workstation applications (CS6 Premiere pro runs like a dream) , the quadro is certainly not a gaming card. Since (to the best of my knowledge) the quadro doesn't support sli anyway, I was wondering about the feasibility of putting in a second GPU along the lines of a GTX 680. Obviously they would not be sli-ed together but I've heard stories of people achieving a level of success with similar setups (although to what extent I cannot confirm.) Is such a thing actually possible/useful/reliable? Would it accomplish my two main goals of one: extending the display onto additional monitors for general use. And two: allowing me to switch between using the quadro for workstation apps and the other card for gaming without needing another computer (or changing settings in the bios / other complicated steps?) Appreciate any help, as I have been unable to find a definitive answer to my specific scenario anywhere...
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  1. Also, would I run into trouble having two different drivers in this hypothetical set up (assuming its possible?)
  2. Well, seeing as no one had an answer I went ahead and installed a GTX680 4GB into my computer and so far so good. gave me the extra displays I needed and increased my gaming capability by several fold, while still allowing rendering to be done through the Quadro. Zero issues with the drivers either.
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