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GTX 670, Radeon 7950, Radeon 7970

Which of these cards is the best performing card for the money without wasting money. I want to average 60FPS in games running 1080P on a single monitor on max to high settings. Which card has the best $ ratio to FPS average?
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  1. Right now, Radeons with 12.11beta drivers and overclocking. So 7970, GHZ ed if you can afford it.
  2. easily the 7950 has the best price to performance ratio of those three.
  3. yeah, typo, 7950, 7970 ghz if you can afford it
  4. 7970 is the Best there.

    I'd prefer to OC 7970 hard to past the Ghz Ed.
    Ghz Ed are Locked and can't be Oced much.
  5. Locked? First I've heard. Are you talking about the Ram down throttling?
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