Odd/random display issues.

Recently built a new computer and shortly after I started having issues with my display, searched online for people with similar problems but I can't seem find anything to help me.

My new build consist of:

120Gig OCZ Agility SSD boot drive
2TB 7200rpm western Digital
1TB 7200rpm Seagate
I5 3570k processor that I have yet to overclock.
h100I cooler
Asrock Extreme 4 Motherboard
32gig @ 1866mhz G-skill ram
Corsair HX850w Psu
and an MSI R7970 Lightning Video card.

Strange thing about my Current problem is it only really happens when streaming videos on my computer. I can download and watch movies no problem but anything Streamed seems to give me Issues, I can go for days no problem but then it will happen 3 times in a row the same day. I can play farcry 3 and so far every other games maxed out for hours without any issues.
The link below is what my Monitor looks like when it happens, only one of them goes crazy while the other stays sane (Note: The smaller screen used to be the one affect Recently changed and I never changed the plugs.)


Currently trying to run memtest but I'm having issues getting it to work off a flash drive, any help would be appreciated while I'm here.
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  1. Still no reply eh?

    So far I've tried, downgrading my drivers, updating, and running beta drivers but nothing has help. I read on the internet that turning off overdrive might work it hasn't worked for me at least. Finally got memtest86 to run off my USB and had it run overnight without any errors. Even though my games ran fine I didn't take the chance an ran furmark for 2 hours, Temps never went above 57C. My CPU never goes over 37C under load. and I highly doubt my Motherboard or Powersupply could cause such problems.

    I'd say Im in no hurry to fix my current and only issue with my recent build but if it is somehow hardware related I'd like to RMA it before My warranty runs out but I'm to much of a Jew to buy extended warranties
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