What are the dangers of building your own computer

I'm not the most computer savvy person, and was just wondering the dangers of building your own pc not knowing all the parts and what they look like? From the information i've gathered, you can get a better deal building it yourself rather than buying a prebuilt, which is why I want to build one. I basically want a good budget gaming pc. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. The only dangers are being careless. Bending a CPU pin, and breaking it, is a 'danger', but that is all about being careless, or forcing something that shouldn't be forced.

    Every part has a warranty (like anything you buy new), but it is (barely) more hassle to keep track of all of your receipts. (I keep my receipts beside my PC). Doing a bit of research helps you pick proper parts (sites like pcpartpicker.com help too). When you make something you like, post it here (in its own thread) asking for feedback.
  2. the best building pc tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea_bs5G1yYU
  3. Pretty much like robert said, as long as you do your homework (research) and know what parts you got and everything is compatible and your careful with installation (the more you build the better you will build and the easier you build PC's)
  4. then theres static electricity. i learned the hard way.
  5. Lots of videos on youtube. Think newegg has a series.

    Not a bad idea to get a static wrist strap for $5 and ground it to the case. I didn't, but probably should have...

    Just have to be reasonably gentle connecting the components. Press only as hard as necessary.

    Get VERY familiar with the motherboard manual and learn what all the connectors are. Nice thing is that a lot of new PSUs actually label what each lead does so not hard to figure out.

    If you list your budget, someone will come along and give you a nice build.
  6. as long as you run your parts by us first, get some good feedback and read some tutorials, there is no danger at all.
  7. It is worth building your own pc. Really, it is not very hard, i highly reccomend building one. I suggest watching the newegg guides on youtube.

    This is part one of three- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPIXAtNGGCw

    You will find links to the other there too.
  8. most mb parts and cables are keyed. as a teck most parts i see broken are dimm/gpu slots due to forcing the ram/video card in or out. for your first build try getting a good larger mid size case like the r400. it have extra room to work with and good cable management. if your near a micro center there cpu and mb combo are hard to beat. with your build funds....start with a good name brand power supply...bad ones can take out your gaming rig. the i5 cpu like then 3570/k are the sweet spot for price/performance without killing the bank. toss in a good mini atx mb around 100.00. and you have the base of a good gaming rig. right now ati video cards the 7850/7870 have the best bang for the buck. things like glowing fans or led strips can be added latter. when there more funds. there are cheap cases out there with windows and led...myself i spend my build dollars good cases and fan controllers and quite fans and power supplys. sucks when gaming and have your system sound like it going to take off.
  9. What are the dangers?

    Death, disaster, disease, destruction, and destitution. :)

    Seriously, with a little care, hardly any.

    The three part tutorial on newegg is pretty good.

    This is also pretty good:
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