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Just got my New Graphic Card now Having Trouble

Hello Guys Yesterday I just Recieve my Gtx 670 Superclock backplate 4gb

when I open up Cpu-z I go into Graphic & its showing Memory Size 2046 meaning 2gb instead of 4gb why it doing that?? Is this how to check & see if Spec & everything is right cause I heard alot of people buy these cards & they give there Customers the 2gb instead of 4gb what they paid for!!! I then Installed Precision & the Log part it shows Memory 3005mhz is that 3gb or?
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    right click anywhere on your desktop and select nvidia control panel. once in the control panel select "system information" on the bottom left. It should say Dedicated video memory: 4096 mb. if it says less then you have been given the wrong card.
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