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EVGA GTX 670 FTW - Should I RMA?

Okay, so I bought this card off of Amazon used for a good price. This card has transferable warranty which means I am covered.

I have used it for about 2-3 months and it is okay I guess, but I've since found it that it isn't running as it should.

Should games look like they are running 30 frames per second when they are well above 90 frames per second? This is the problem. The frames are really high but the gameplay doesn't agree with it. I can see that the frames are fast, but they are bouncy, jerky, slow motion looking everytime I move.

The other problem I have is that V-sync does not work on this card at all, for all games. Massive lag input and framerate issues, even though the programs state the games running at a smooth 60 FPS.

Some games like Battlefield 3 play great without V-sync and constant 60 FPS.

Other games like all of the CAll of Duty games and even Far Cry 3 at high frames have this jumpy frames to them, even though the frames are really high.

Anyone know what could be the problem? Are these signs of a bad card and would EVGA accept my RMA?

GTX 670 FTW edition
i5 3570k
8gb RAM
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  1. I those are within reason. You say some game reports 90 fps (how measured???) but it "feels" like 30? I think thats more a matter of you, maybe your monitor or the game or something else. You can try to RMA it, maybe they'll send you a new card, maybe a refurbished card. But think, you getting 90 fps, but someone "feeels" like it's only 30, what is that you expect? For them to you "feel better" or "feel faster" ?

    P.S. I know there are other reason why high fps might feel like low, but it hard to complain when whatever benchmark is giving you 90. Most would be happy with 60, some even with 30.
  2. Does stuff like this usually happen to people with problems with cards?

    It is my first time owning one, so I'm not familiar with any of these problems.

    I just can't see how I get really high frames, but it looks like it is 30 frames per second instead.
  3. maybe somehow you have activated 3d so then you see low fps? and in some games not so its ok

  4. It's definitely hard to explain.

    Just everything moves so jumpy, shaky, it's just weird, but the frames are fast. I can tell that games like Call of Duty on my Xbox are moving more smoother.

    What explains the V-sync being unusable in every game though?
  5. 3d is disabled on the Nvidia Control panel.
  6. give some information , what games, what settings, what resolution, what fps and how are measure it? fps w & w/o vsync
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    You need enable VSYNC in all your games.Skippy jumpy framerates happens when vsync is turned off.Also massive input lag with vsync is normal.

    How many games have you tired?Name all the games which have skippy framerate?If you are playing call of duty black op2 i suggest you run it at boarderless windowed mode.That goes to all call of duty games.

    For FC3 turn on vsync and set max gpu render frames to 1.
  8. 1920x1080

    Left 4 Dead All highest settings, plays great without V-sync
    - I turn V-sync on, causes input lag, I turn on Triple buffering, it becomes unplayable, 2-3 second delay.

    Battlefield 3- highest settings possible - very smooth.
    Turn V-sync on - causes some noticeable input lag
    For some reason, it doesn't have the bouncy frames when I move. Maybe do to the motion blur?

    Far Cry 3 - 60 frames per second on highest of settings without anti-aliasing, plays smooth at times and even though the frame counter is counting over 60 fps, when I move it sometimes causes a slow motion effect that makes the frames look as if it was running much lower. hard to explain. Quick response from mouse, but it doesn't look smooth. everything moves at a bouncy pace.
    I lowered the frames to high with anti-aliasing, the same results.
    Locked the frames to 30 fps, the game become unplayable at a state that resembled 15 fps even though according to the counter, it was running at a steady 30 fps.

    Call of Duty: World at War :Modern Warfare:Modern Warfare 2: Call of Duty 2:

    All have the same effect as Far cry 3 with slow motion, like frames that I can see. I get a very fast response when I move the mouse and getting 90 FPS according to the counter.
  9. Input lag with vsync is normal.You can't fix it.I dunno about older cod.Check is it has baorderless wondowed mode.You can find it under resolution setting.
  10. Wow

    That V sync set to 1. and max GPU render set to 1 did the trick. It gets rid of everything I was talking about. Small hiccups here and there are normal right, nothing massive?

    Now for the other games............Not too sure about those as there is no Max GPU render.

    So does this single game rule out there being a problem with my card?
  11. Pretty much, I'm finally someone else picked up on the importance of this option. The complicated issue with fps is they are all displayed for the same amount of time (seems obvious at first but) You may have 60 fps which ideally would be 1 second (1000 ms) / 60 = 16 2/3 ms. But what really is some take less the 16 2/3 and some take more than 16 2/3, keeping the average the same. Just like min, average, and max fps, wide ranges or spikes will one perception but not necessarily the average. But this is normal for video games, all of them, capping vysnc, smoothing, and pre-rendering are all attempts to improve this. Remember film is 23.968 fps, but seems smooth, being all prerendered, equality displayed, and optimized for our viewing.

    But on the other hand, in AC3 disabling V-sync has been know to boost the fps from 15 to 25. Still paltry, but just an example.

    Just shows how important coding is.
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