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  1. 6870 is faster than 7770 at every game.
    So get that 6870.
  2. That and you are not gimped by the 128 bit memory that the 7770 has with the 6870. Both ASUS and SAPPHIRE put out competitive product but in this arena the 6870 wins. so +1 to sumukh
  3. get hd is 20% faster than hd 7770.

    see here -
  4. While I do agree with you the article dates back to April of this year which is quite a long time ago. Drivers have come and performance has increased for the 7770 the 6870 is still faster however not nearly 70 %
  5. According to this, Not much difference.

    But still 6870 is better.
    My friend has one, he plays every game at High 1080p easily.

    So, I suggest you to get 6870.
  6. Pinch a few more pennies and try for a 7850.

    so get GTX 650 Ti
  8. Not necessary I wouldn't look at things from a team green versus team red perspective. He is looking at budget cards which means he is probably on a budget. I'm still sticking with sumu's recommendation.
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