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GTX 650 or 570?

If you were going to pick one of these 2 cards, which would you go with? Not worrying about price difference.

I think I know the answer already, but i need a second opinion.

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  1. 570, but why not a GTX 660? Lower power consumption and it sits a little above the performance of a 570-580?
  2. Got an awesome price for a brand new 570 ($170), so I can't pass that up. I would love to go with a 660Ti, but the 570 seems like a quality card for $170.

    I had a buddy tell me I should have gotten a 650, and I thought i must have been missing something when it came to the stats to think that a 650 was better.
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    Don't go 650. I could run through all the mubojumbo but Tust me, 570 kicks a 650s booty. 570 is a bit more than twice the performance of a 650.

    Just cause 650 is higher than 570 doesn't mean its better. First number is the series and the following numbers is that cards performance relative to other cards from the same series. I had a friend who (Back when I had a GTX 260) thought his 410 was better than my card cause the overall number is higher.

    650 is upper low end and a 570 is midrange of high end Cards.
  4. Hahaha It's funny you say this. I tried to explain this to my friend, but he wasn't having any of it. He just kept saying that "The clock speed is higher! The memory is clocked higher! It's obviously better!"

    I think he was in the mindset of "Higher number = better card"

    I tried to explain the concept of bus width, bandwidth, number of units, etc. etc. I just had to make sure I wasn't crazy.

    Thank you for the response!
  5. Yeah, Its all clocked higher because the 650 GPU is lower end. As the processing power of a GPU goes up, the Clock speeds come down a bit because of heat restrictions lol.

    And yes, I run through all those same issues with my "I think I know everything about Tech but DONT" friend too lol

    Kinda how you'll see a (For example) a Dual Core Phone at 1.5Ghz but a Quad Core at 1.3Ghz. Quad is better, but if he sees It hes like "No cause the dual core is clocked higher" =/
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