Quadro 600/2000 vs GTX 650 Ti

I am building a Linux workstation for running simulations (using OpenFoam, ParaView, Gmsh, Matlab, Blender,...etc.). If you're not familiar with these, it simply means I want the graphics card to have super performance with OpenGL, and I wouldn't bother with DirectX at all.

I went for Intel i7 3930K processor, Intel MB, 32GB 2400 DDR3 RAM, 1TB 6GB SATA WD HDD, and now the graphics card.

I HAVE read all the similar threads everywhere and everyone seems to recommend the Quadro for this type of thing, problem is I don't see it in the specs!!!!! Where? So, is it in the Nvidia driver? The GTX 650 Ti has 768 cores vs 192 on the Quadro 2000, they are both 128 bit and the clock speed on the GTX 650 Ti is a whopping 1071MHz vs 625 MHz on the Quadro 2000. The memory is 2 GB on the GTX vs 1 GB on the Quadro, both GDDR5 on the 2000, and embarrassingly DDR3 on the 600.

So, could you please chime in with your thoughts, and I will appreciate it if you could point out why you think the Quadros are better.

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  1. Hi,

    Finally you have someone to answer: :hello:

    Ok, talking about a Quadro and a GTX, you must be aware that the former is a Workstation GPU while the latter is more of a gaming GPU.

    You were taking about Specs, and I agree that Quadro seems less than GTX 650 Ti, but its worth mentioning that Quadro 600 is an entry-level Workstation GPU while a GTX 650 Ti is a mid-range Gaming unit.

    Secondly, the specs are not there for the Quadro, because these machines are build not for Speed that offer :ouch: super FPS, that you generally look for gaming. A Quadro is not made to offer very high clock speeds, but they offer stability, focusing on heavy OPENGL, and shading, lighting, texturing etc, and other terms that you consider while working on 3D Modelling, and animation. As mentioned, you are looking to work on OpenGL, then you should rather look for a Quadro, as in case you require it to work on some serious 3D designing and modelling you have a dedicated Chip for that task.

    OMG, that's like comparing Chuck Norris and RajniKanth :lol:
  2. I did a bit of research, but ended with a GTX-570. I am building a workstation and of course the Quadro made more sense but the mid-level Quadro was much more expensive. I read that the Fermi arch. has better OpenGL performance than the new 6xx series so I went for it. Maybe in the future I'll add a Quadro.

    Thanks for the reply in any case.
  3. It's not so much the hardware, but the driver support by the SW that you intend to use. The Quadro has way better support by the SW manufacturers.
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