Ok so.

While playing certain games (I Am Alive, BF3, Far Cry 3, Dead Island, sometimes Skyrim) I am having my screen go blank, the audio glitch and then return in a stable state, and no signal going to my monitor. I have thus far found no way to return my display, and therefore have to suffocate my computer (risking messing it up.)

I have since found that, while playing games in windowed mode and watching my GPU meter widget simultaneously, that the card is showing no abnormal behaviour. In windowed mode, the "crash" still occurs, but with a grey screen, the regular audio glitch, but the display returns, and the taskbar displays a balloon saying "The display adaptor stopped responding and has recovered successfully."

But wait! There's more! (Isn't there always?)

Occasionally (more and more frequently) I spy my GPU meter widget showing 98% GPU usage with temps between 65-80 deg Celsius, when no programs are running that require the GPU. Rolling back (or re-updating) the drivers causes SvcHost.exe*32 to become unresponsive and kill itself, which in turn pushes GPU usage back to 0% and allows the card to cool down to 32 degrees.

As an afterthought, I just want to play some Far Cry, and it won't lemme do so....

Oh, my Specs

OS. Win7 home Premium 64-bit
400w PSU
CPU. Intel Core I5 2400 CPU 3.1 Ghz with turbo mode up to 3.4 Ghz
M/B. Gigabyte B75M-D3H motherboard
GPU Gigabyte HD7750 OC 1gb DDR5 Graphics
8gb Transcend DDR3 1333mhz Ram
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  1. Is that card too much Overclocked? Is it stable?
  2. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Is that card too much Overclocked? Is it stable?

    The card is not, and has not been, overclocked. Completely standard
  3. Then it surely is Faulty
  4. rma that card dude.it is faulty
  5. No, it is not. I have sent it away and had it checked out fully, it has been returned and deemed not to be faulty, the card was under manufacturers warranty at the time of testing.

    Trust me, I wanted it to be as simple as a faulty card too.
  6. Have you updated yours drivers?
  7. Issue occurs on all drivers I have access to. Catalyst 12.8, 12.10 and 12.11 BETA. Have tried them all, all have the same end result. I've read a million and one forums that go unresolved about AMD's drivers being pretty terrible for some and perfect for others
  8. Reformat the windows to confirm that it is not an software problem. Try that gpu in others pc and see what happens
  9. Ok, using process explorer, I have found the instance of SvcHost that I believe is causing at least one of my problems. the command line for the process is as follows:

    "C:\Users\James\AppData\Local\Temp\svchost.exe" -o http://2v401.chickenkiller.com -O v401:v401 -l 1

    Now, I'm not silly enough to access the website, and it tells me the directory is SysWOW64, the only problem being, I have no Idea how to find it :/
  10. Besides that, reformatting windows may not prove that it is a hardware problem. (Which it has already been found not to be).

    My suspicion here is that it is a driver issue, reformatting windows will not change anything if that is the case, as the drivers will need to be re-installed. I am looking to hear from anyone who has heard of these or similar problems with AMD software on Radeon graphics cards
  11. You mean Svchost.exe is consuming your CPU performance?
    Check it through Task Manager.
  12. NO, that is not what I mean. I mean that there is an instance of svchost that is consuming my GPU performance
  13. Check for a Virus.
    Svchost is some times a Malware.

    I have around 10 of them running. Yet not affecting my performance.
  14. Its a virus... Malware reinstall OS or check for a Virus
    I'm sure its not Graphics card fault
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