Will this be able to handle the hd 7750? with a picture!

First off; i know this question have been asked many times, and i have been reading online about it, but my question is: Will my system be able to handle the hd 7750? I have read that the card can run on a 300w but it need to be a good one then, so i took a picture of my power supply specs (it's an old hp computer power supply) and i will be upgrading from a ATI hd radeon 3600 series.


CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) 8600 Triple-Core Processor 2.3 ghz

Ram: ddr2 3.6 GB (32-bit windows :( )
Os: Windows vista home premium 32-bit

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series

Hdd: 500gb Seagate

Power supply: 300w
Picture of the power supply spec's:
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  1. yes hd 7750 will work with your system.

    psu has output of 19a on 12v =228w

    now your cpu will take 95 w+ hd 7750 55 w+hd 20w + others= 20w

    total= 190w. so your are fine as hd 7750 not consume much power.

    if you have money then get good psu like corsair, antec,seasonic 400 psu
  2. Well in theory I agree that it would work sure but there is no telling what the power supply is actually able to output power wise as it doesn't look like a very reputable power supply.

    I also agree with the recommendations however it would be wise to look into a series of power supplies before purchasing the cheapest thing you can buy.
  3. ya you can run it fine

    i know one of my friend running it with a psu of 14a on the 12v rail

    but if you are worried get a nice psu like corsair, seasonic etc :)
  4. Any 300w can provide 7750 its Power Requirement.

    As 7750 Draws power from PCI slot. It doesn't need power direct from PSU.
    And it has Low PSU requirement.
    So, you are good to go
  5. Oh thanks everybody, i've just heard so many things about and stuff, so i was also looking at the 6670. But now i dont know. And i will not be able to upgrade my psu because then i dont have enough money for a graphic card ;)
  6. The 7750 outperforms the 6670 and you get the newer tech that comes with the 7000 series of cards I would say if you are juggling between the two you should go with the 7750 if you are able to handle it power wise which it looks like you can and then eventually you can upgrade your power supply for future graphic card purchases if you so desire.
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