Computer Freezes in both W7 and W8 for no reason..

I have a pretty annoying problem with my HTPC.

Lately, on Windows 7, it would just freeze randomly after an hour or two of usage.
Same thing would happen if it were left unattended.

So, I re-installed Windows 8, thinking that that issue was behind me.. when it continues happening in the exact same way.

Here's an explanation of what happens:

Randomly, for no reason, Chrome wouldn't load tabs anymore. No matter which webpage I wanted to go to.
Then, I wouldn't be able to click on anything else. I can't open folders, Start menu won't come up, control panel won't work..
Until in about 15 seconds, the entire screen would be frozen, except for the mouse cursor.

What I've done:

-Tested CPU (stock)
-Tested GPU
-Tested SSD (Seatools/CDM)
-Tested RAM (Memtest)
-Took one RAM stick out
-Disabled USB 3.0
-Disabled Blu-ray drive
-Cleaned the computer

I honestly don't know what else I could possibly do. Everything tests fine, but Windows still freezes, forcing me to have to power off and power back on.
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  1. oh if your OS is on ssd then thats not it
    tried updating drivers?
  2. Actually, it ends up that it was the SSD. I plugged in a regular 2.5" HDD instead and well, it's still running.
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