Asus nVidia GeForce GTX560 1 GB or Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2 GB?

Can not decide what to buy and the price is the same, please help!
What are the differences and what is beter,Is the MSI version of the GTX 660 2GB better?
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  1. 660 is better , try to get 660Ti if possible , think they might have the 3GB version. Whatever suits you , if you have like a multi-monitor setup , get the 3GB version. You could SLI in the future if you want to.
  2. The 660 Ti is a bit expensive:)
    And in my S**t country is not available.
  3. Is better to get an MSI 660 2gb or the Asus 660 2GB if i can get the MSI for 50$ less?
  4. Disastepiece said:
    Is better to get an MSI 660 2gb or the Asus 660 2GB if i can get the MSI for 50$ less?

    Go for the MSI - there's no difference in the chips. ASUS probably has better cooling, but it doesn't take much to cool a GTX 660. Any model should be fine.
  5. What's a chugot? For anyone not aware, these forums are 50% people posting that article and 50% people who are sick to death of seeing the article link and will tell you that the whole thing was blown way out of proportion (wouldn't be the first time Tom's did that) and there's actually no problem with it. I've not owned one so couldn't say first hand, but I'm inclined to believe the latter group. There are forum regulars on here with Power Edition MSI GPUs who have had no problems at all with them.

    As for "MSI=scrap", you're either joking or your knowledge of these companies is seriously lacking. I bought an MSI motherboard and GeForce almost a decade ago now and they're still running in my friend's parents' computer. Their Twin Frozr coolers are awesome, and if I was buying now and not interested in EVGA's excellent warranties, I'd probably grab an MSI card myself.
  6. sorry but I've had plenty of MSI........ SCRAP......... over the years. you can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

    as far as the article........... take that up with the people from Tom's Hardware that wrote the article. maybe they'll be able to explain it.
  7. I'm not taking anything up with anyone. The article was written a while ago now (old news) and was factually correct. But according to regulars who actually own the card, the whole thing was blown way out of proportion.
  8. Could the MSI or the Asus GTX 660 be in SLI(2 cards)??
  9. Yeah both can.
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