R6970, 3 monitors and 5.1 audio

Hi Guys

I have a 3 monitor set-up that's working well: 2 x DVI and an active mini-DP -> DVI running the 3rd monitor.

I'm now trying to get 5.1 audio out of the card to my Sony AV amp (STR-DH810)

HDMI is the cable of choice and I understand that the HDMI port is connected to one of the DVI ports, so that won't work. So I have bought a mini DP -> HDMI connector and I can't get that to work :(

In the Windows 8 Control Panel, under Sound it says AMD HDMI Output 'Not Plugged In' and under CCC it detects SONY AVAMP but when I hover the cursor over it it says 'SONY AVAMP DFP, HDMI, Disabled'

Any clues where to go next?


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  1. Hmmmm - still having problems. Just can't seem to find any audio controls in the CCC or anywhere else for the mini DP -> HDMI

    ...but I can't believe that this is an unusual situation wanting 3 monitors and 5.1 sound :fou:

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