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All cards are 2GB, have same cooling, and clock speeds.

How do Asus, PowerColor, and Diamond match up against one another? From reviews it would seem Diamond is the better of the three and has a longer warranty but I would like some live feedback about whether or not the manufacturer is a huge deal breaker or if price should play the bigger role.

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  1. Hi how are you. Well. Some manufactures are reliable, when on the other hand it's bad. In my opinion I would Get the Asus Amd radeon 7850 2gb version, because there reliable and there really big company. Some people say the power color is a poor choice because they sometimes cut off some parts, but it depends which model you buy. Now diamond has good reviews and not so good reviews so I'm not sure if it is good or it is bad. So I would Just grab the Asus version.
  2. Sapphire would be better but Asus is alright too
  3. I would take the ASUS. I also like HIS and I hear Sapphire is a good. The used Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 I bought seems iffy though. Since it's used I'll blame the previous owner. I haven't had a Diamond card since the '90's and PowerColor I'm not really familiar with but they seem to be a popular choice for reference cards; I assume to use with liquid cooling.
  4. I had a Diamond 6850 and when it went down they were no help at all.
    Gigabyte Asus MSI are the most stable companies
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