Is my graphics card showing artifacts?

I recently started noticing glitching lines all over my screen when I'm playing Borderlands 2, Magicka and Planetside 2. It looks like this:
I've read that videocards can have artifacts or something like that, could that be what's causing this?

I've got a HP G62 notebook.

intel pentium p6000 1,9GHz
ATI mobility radeon hd 5470
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  1. Yeah you are definitely artifacting, pretty badly too. Odds are its being caused by your graphics card overheating. Get yourself a can of compressed air and blast the dust out of the air intakes and fans if you haven't already.

    If your temps aren't an issue, that likely means your GPU is dying I'm afraid. You're probably looking at a new laptop then if yours isn't still under warranty.
  2. When I game my gpu reached 65 °C max, so that can't be the problem. I also have no idea how to even open the laptop, so I also have no idea where the gpu is. Anyways, I've ordered my new desktop parts, with my radeon hd 7870 yesterday. I was just wondering if this could be fixed. I won't be using this is the future, so it doesn't really matter. Thanks for helping, though!
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