Building my first PC

So I'm 16 and planning to build my own PC, I have an idea which motherboard (Asus z77 sabertooth) in planning to get, but I'm not shure with the other parts (RAM, CPU, power supply, Graphiccard)

So this is what I had planned sofar, but I want know what the experienced Builders would use for this motherboard, I might over clock it in the future.

Motherboard: Asus Z77 sabertooth
CPU: i7 3770k
Graphic card: Nvidia gtx 660
RAM: 12 GB Corsair Vengeance

My price range for these components would be around $800

Ps. I'm not planning to use a liquid billing system
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  1. If gaming is your main use - go i5-3570, get a less expensive mobo, and 8GB RAM will do you. With the money you save, get a better video card.
  2. Whats the main purpose of your machine? Assuming gaming. If that is correct then drop down to the 3570k CPU. 8GB of Ram and use the savings to get a better GPU.

    If it is for gaming please list the games u wish to play. WoW plays differently then say BF3.
  3. hey,
    stick with 8 gigs of ram (4gb x 2 config) as you wont see performance improvements going over that...just make sure its ddr3 1600
    the video card is fine, you need a power supply of at least 550watts
    for cases look into antec 300
    that board is expensive as you pay for more features. I know it looks good but is it worth the extra features and will you be using them?
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