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GPU RAM Requirement

So I am planning to upgrade my GPU into a 7850 but I after doing a little research about the system requirements, I found out that the 7850 requires a minimum 4 GB of system memory which I read here

, But then again I came to the Sapphire website and found out that the 7850 requires only a minimum of 1024 MB or 1GB -->

System Specifications
CPU: i3 550 @3.2GHz
GPU: Power Color Radeon HD 5570 1 GB DDR3
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 GB DDR3 1333
O.S.: Windows 7 Home Basic 32 Bit

On the AMD website it says a minimum of 4 GB but since I am running a 32-bit O.S., my system can only use 3.5 GB RAM and thus not meeting the minimum requirement

I really don't know what to believe in between these 2 websites, can someone clarify this? I'm a bit confused.

-Thank you in Advance!
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  1. You are good.

    No game, by itself will use more than 2-3gb of ram.
    The 3.5gb of ram available with a 32 bit os should be plenty.

    Since ram is so cheap, most will get 8gb and use a 64 bit os.
    If you had 8gb, and access to a 64 bit version of home basic, I think you could reinstall and reuse your current activation key.
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    That's kind of funny, I never noticed that video cards have listed memory requirements.

    Anyway, it's bollocks. You could install the video card with 128 MB of RAM and be fine (aside from, you know, the crippling effects of having only 128 MB of RAM). AMD probably lists a minimum requirement so users who have crap systems don't complain about how the video card didn't make things any faster.

    Protecting themselves from loud, angry, stupid consumers who think they're computer savvy.
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