EAH5770 vs GT440

Hi there

I've got Palit GT440 2GB DDR3 and can exchange it for ASUS Radeon EAH 5770 CU Core 1GB GDDR5

I wonder if the Radeon will be better for the type of work I'm doing ( 3D modelling, rendering, simulations ) and if it is compatible with Asus M5A97 R2.0 mother board ?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Unless your software uses CUDA processing rather than OpenCL or Stream, the 5770 will be stronger.
    CUDA is nVidia-only, and Stream (less common) is AMD/ATi only, for GPGPU processing that some modeling and rendering software can use.
  2. Would recommend GTX 650 or AMD 7850, both of them are low end for rendering. Yes both of them will work on your motherboard.
  3. Thanks for the replies ! ;)

    As far as I know everything I'm working on is using OpenGL so if I choose the 5770 won't be a problem loosing the CUDA

    The thing is that I am not choosing which one to buy. I got now the GT440, but I can exchange it for free for the brad new 5770 as the guy who owns it do not need it and will keep the GT 440 just for spare...

    So I'll take the 5770 then.

    Thanks again
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