Is there any problem with not having front panel USB 3.0 headers?

I really need help with this because I am planning to do a build but PcPartPicker is bringing up a minor compatibility issue that the ASRock Pro3 ATX has a USB 3.0 header but the case has not got front panel ports. Can anybody explain what this means and what I need to do?
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  1. No problem.
    You dont have to connect headers on the motherboard to anything

    But front USB 3 might be nice to have , and there are good cases at around $50 with this feature
  2. No there isn't. If you really need front mounted USB 3.0 you can always buy something like this:
  3. Do you want front USB connections? Many people fine these convenient for thumb drives and other USB devices. I use mine a lot, but they aren't a requirement for everyone and you can run this setup without them.
  4. Great to have. :)

    Value cases like the NZXT Source 220 have em.

    If you are buying a case right now, there is no sense not to get usb 3 header.
  5. Unless you have short usb cord devices, no there is nothing wrong. Though it is more of a pain to put in a flash drive of some sort.
  6. Ok. I chose a Xigamatek Asgard Pro Black. Should serve me well. Also, do you guys have any advice on Minecraft systems? I mean right now I am getting an 7850 Xfx Radeon 2gig, but I'm only using a i3-3220, which I plan to upgrade in the future when the i5 3570K is cheaper. Would an i3 be enough for gaming with that graphics card? I plan to buy a 1080p hd monitor included with my build. Here is the link to my pcpartpicker list:
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