Monitor dosen't recognize HDMI

Hello, I have encountered a rather strange problem with my monitor.
During a gaming session, my second monitor (Benq EW2420 connected with HDMI to gigabyte 7970) suddently went black.

I have checked that the monitor does indeed work.
I have checked that the hdmi port of my graphics card is not dead
I have checked that the hdmi cable is not broken

Has anyone of you encoutered a similar problem, and most important, does anyone have any further tips in order to troubleshoot what's wrong with my monitor's hdmi port?

Rather stuck at the moment. :??:

Thanks in advance.

(sorry if the post is in the wrong section, didn't find anything suitable :/)
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  1. well my god! the monitor must have owerheated or something, because I unplugged it and left it for a good half a hour or so, and now it works!

    So at least if anyone has a similar problem; proboably overheating, let it rest
  2. It would most likely be overheating, buy a small, low RPM fan and put it somewhere to get fresh air flow :D
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