Seeking Your Expertise! Integration Concerns for MSIGTX680Lightning

Hello everyone @ tomshardware - here goes nothing for my first post :D!

TOPIC ON HAND: After extensive research and such, I've decided to pull the trigger on a MSI GTX 680 - Lightning Edition!
I'm planning to throw this into my current comp, current specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i7-920 2.66Ghz 8M LGA1366 CPU
GPU: EVGA GTX 260 Super clocked (see ya later!)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 6GB DDR3 Tri PC12800 1600MHz (3x2GB)
HDD: WD Caviar Green 1TB 32MB/SATA-3G
MOBO: Asus P6T Intel X58 Socket LGA1366 Motherboard
OTHER: LG 22X DVDRW SATA w/o Software

I've been riding high on that giddy feeling of buying a new premium part, but it's slowly fading as I now have some fears of bottlenecking with the other parts of my system...

QUESTIONS: This is where I was hoping I could get some of your guys's help. The following were some of my fears, concerns, and burning questions (and excuse my noobness, I'm still amateur-intermediate-ish at building and assessing rigs):
1. MOST IMPORTANT: Do any of my parts (thinking my CPU Intel i7 920) need to be upgraded to avoid bottlenecking?
*Budget is non-concern, but achieving my goal is in a cost min-max scenario: to play Farcry 3, Battlefield 3, WoW at ultra settings, ultra AA/AF on a 1920x1200 with constant 60 fps

2. Will I need to upgrade my PSU to accomodate for the new card?
3. Will I need to buy a new motherboard to accomodate the PCI 3.0?
4. I know this card should fit in my rig because it's similar to the GTX 260 I have size-wise, but are there any other things I should watch out for in terms of "intangibles" when setting this up?

Really just trying to cover all angles on this new purchase!
And I'm looking to spend big this time around so please feel free to recommend any PSUs, MOBOs, CPUs, or anything I should be lookign to upgrade alongside this!
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  1. CPU may bottleneck you a bit, but I don't think the bottleneck would "Kill" the 680s performance.

    As for PSU, you have 54A on your +12V rail and 648W available on it also so you should be fine.

    Tell your GTX 260 I said Bye =p

    Hope Ive helped in some way :D
  2. question 1: u can keep that cpu and overclock it with a decent water cooling system to 4.0gigahertz for under 65$,

    question 2: ur ps is fine for the new gpu.

    question3: pci-express is backwards compatible, so that card will be compatible with ur mobo.

    4. if it fits should be fine.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, Just from the two of you I'm already having a LOT more peace of mind.

    Had a follow-up question on this:
    "question3: pci-express is backwards compatible, so that card will be compatible with ur mobo."

    Will this degrade my performance from the card retro fitting it to my old MOBO?
  4. no, as long as ur slot is pci-express 16x there will be no loss in performance imo.
  5. I don't think PCI 2.0 speeds have been hit yet. And even then most peoples CPUs will bottleneck before the PCI bus from what Ive read on various sites. Now if this was 1.0 we were talking about then yes (But its not) lol
  6. oops typo, yeah he wont be limited by his mobo :P
  7. You won't have any problems at all
  8. I know, Just making a point as an example.

    Intel Core i7-920 2.66Ghz hehehehehehehehehe
  9. Haha guess you can tell how little I know my MOBO :P

    Only other consideration for a MOBO upgrade was that I am likely getting a Samsung SolidStateDrive 840Pro... That SATA III!
  10. nice :), thats a nice boost in performance :D
  11. SSDs are amazing, And I've always heard good things about Samsung products
  12. the CPU will prly bottleneck some, but after a fair OC, those effects should be minimal, if any. Too bad it's LGA 1366. Newegg doesn't even sell any CPU's w/ that socket anymore.
  13. it wouldnt even be worth buying since its a dead socket, unless he got his hands ona 980x but those are pricey.

    a nice overclock will even out the playing field :D
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