Upgrading geforce gt 610

Hey all! Got my son a powerspec b821 for Xmas. It has a I5-3570k and this gpu. As well as a 300 psu which i know i would have to be upgraded. What would be a good card to get for BF3, Minecraft,SWTOR, and AC3? I read the article from this month stating the 650 is a good card. Would this work in this pc?
Thanks for all help.
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  1. the 650 will struggle in BF3 at any resolution near or above 1080 so he'll have to lower play on reduced settings. The 650Ti would do better followed by the 660 and 660Ti but honestly if I could afford better than the 650Ti I would get the radeon 7850
  2. agreed, and swap that psu at the same time
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