I want toplay Borderlands and Portal 2 in a non laggy fashion


I have a HP Pavilion Slimline S5000 Series Computer and a HP2331a Monitor. I dont really know to much about PCs other than what i have read on these websites, but I think my graphics card is the problem with me being unable to play games at a normal speed.

I have looked all over the internet at diferent cards and what they do or dont do! but not much make sense could anyone suggest a graphics card that will just go straight in and play my games without having to change anything other than the card? I think at the moment my pc runs a G41 Express Chipset :S i think.

Thank you in adavance any help would be much appricated. :)
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  1. Well firstly it may be possible for you to with some upgrades. What I need to know what your current situation is like I'm looking at the inside of the model number of the machine you have and it looks like this.

    just found the psu

    It's hard to tell if you have regular pci slot profile expansion slots or if they are low profile cards. The next issue would be your power supply which seems to have a odd form factor you may have an issue with it. If you want to play borderlands 2 in all its glory a 650Ti would be a decent way to go if you just want to play it smoothly without the physx a 7770 may be a decent option as well. If its low profile a 7750 could be another option that is the highest low profile card I have seen. This is all dependent on how limited HP has made you.
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