How to modify tcp ip stack for dual adsl connections

I have two adsl connections. One come from a wireles, wiif modem, a second one from a THOMPSON 5G580 Modem/Router. They are both ADSL from different ISP'S. They come into a desktop switch (the adsl tp link TL-SF 1005D).

Is there anything you can suggest i can tinker with at the TCP-IP stack to make them work together in a sort of scheme? (50/50 perhaps) for the purpose of workload balancing and wider bandwith?

I would appreciate any comments about it. I will try to get additional software but it look like i will have to throw some money at it. I would rather experiment with the tcp ip stack or any other suggestions first. (it is more fun that way).

Thanks in advance for any speculative thoughts about it.

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  1. If you can get an old PC you can install a special Linux or BSD router distributions and make your own custom router.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I am definitively leaning that way, from what i have read so far.
  3. Yes, I have played around with a couple of PC based routers over the years for special applications like what you are doing.
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