GTX670 3dMark11 Scores

I just completed a new build and ran 3dmark11. I have not tweaked anything as of yet and am running Windows 8 64 bit. The rest of my build and score is reflected below.

MSI GTX 670 OC Edition
Intel I5-3570K
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2x4GB
Crucial M4 SSD

3dMark11 Basic: P8596
Graphics Score: 9674
Physics Score: 6485
Combined Score: 6384

How does this compare to the rest of your scores? Should I consider upgrading 3dMark to the advance edition for more details? My windows rating was 7.8 which I thought was pretty low. I was expecting a near perfect score.
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    p.s. don't worry about the windows rating. It only rate how well it run windows and only windows.
  2. ur RAM is slow
  3. How much your GTX 670 is overclocked?
  4. You can only get a windows experience score to 7.9 with a 5 ghz CPU overclock I would say you are just fine sir.
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