Can you use SLI with gtx 570 and a GTX 570 MDT?

I already own the 570 MDT and other than heat, I actually really like it. I have room on my MB for another and a fat wallet from Christmas, so I'm wondering if I can buy another GTX 570 (not MDT edition) and connect those two? The MDT is kinda pricey all the sudden plus no one seems to be selling them anymore, hence buying the normal 570.

So, does anyone know if I can combine those two cards?

Thanks Gents!
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  1. Technically yes, any two 570 GPU core's should work in SLI. Will repost after I do some more research.
  2. You can pair any 2 cards of the same series. The only thing that would be different is the outputs on the Galaxy card will be greater or more then the other card.
  3. Wasn't sure what MDT was. ^+1
  4. Okay thanks!

    Can you elaborate on "different outputs?"
  5. Well with the MDT as you can see it has 4 DVI connections with variations of DVI-I and DVI-D as well as a hdmi output as well so with a normal 570 you could run into something like 2x DVI 1x HDMI 1x Diplayport. Nvidia control panel just to add on sli will only recognize a series of a card as the number 570 unless its a variation like GT versus GTX
  6. ohhhhhhhhh, I read that wrong. I get ya now.

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