Bf3 lag with system that can handle bf3

Heya, My friend is lagging in bf3.. Even tho he has the exact same system as mine, If we stand in the same place with the same graphics settings his fps wont go over 50,while mine is 100-110(Small map)

I don't know if this is the right forum section, But I couldn't find anything else.

So far we've tried..

Reinstalling AMD drivers
Changing his power management to High performance and Processor Power Management/Maximum processor state to 100% and System Cooling Policy to Active..
Limiting the FPS to 60 in MSI afterburner and turning on V-sync in Bf3
New thermal compound for his CPU
Reseating the heatsink
Going down in resolutions until he hit a decent fps, maximum would be 50 at 640x480, while I was running at 1920x1080 with double the fps at times.
Different commands in bf3 console that worked for some people

Sometimes his idle CPU temp is around 50-60 after playing bf3 while my temp instantly drop to 30-40, And his temp while playing is around 70c(Spiked as high as 80-90 before changing compound and reseating the heatsink)

If he reboots the computer it drops down to 30c idle, It's after playing BF3 its stuck at 60c.. So we figured the cooler is f*cked up, but would be nice to know before he goes out and buy a new one

Intel I5 2500 3,3Ghz
OCZ ModXstream Pro 700w
XFX Radeon HD6870
Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
8Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz, But his is clocked at 1333 cause he didn't change it in BIOS

And he has an SSD, that's the only difference in our systems.

This happened after he moved to a new city and left his computer here, His dad installed the SSD and reformatted the computer and sent it with postal service to him.

Edit: His CPU usage is 50% in task manager while running practically the same programs as me and my usage is floating between 2-7%

Usage when playing bf3.. 98/100% while mine is around 50-60.. Is the cooler broken or the CPU?
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  1. Something may have got knocked off so try to check all the cables are correctly seated. Could be the cooler, you could always try his graphics card in your system and see if the same thing happens?
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