Printer Sharing XP SP3

I have 3 computers. All three are running XP SP3 are are up to date.

Computer 1 is desktop connected to cable modem via ethernet connection to wireless hub. This computer has Kodak ESP 3250 printer connected via USB port.

Computers 2 and 3 are laptops connected via the wireless hub. I want to use this printer for my wirless laptops.

No problems with Internet connection on all 3. Printer works fine on desktop local connection.

Have used Network Setup Wizard on all three and established workgroup (same name) with file and "PRINTER" sharing. Work group shows up on all three on Microsoft Windows Network.


Have tried redoing network many, many times with many reboots. Same result, Even downloaded latest printer driver. Note on the computer that has the physical local USB connection even though checking "Printers and Faxes" in Control Panel shows the printer status to be shared, it never shows up as a group resource even on that computer. NOTHING UNDER THE WORKGROUP.

Any suggestions.
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  1. Did you install the driver from the CD, or did you download the latest driver from Kodak?
  2. PhilFrisbie said:
    Did you install the driver from the CD, or did you download the latest driver from Kodak?

    I installed the latest driver from Kodak. The problem seems to be more general after looking closer.

    On all three computers when you go to My Network Places, Entire Network, MS Windows Network the workgroup is problem....on all three. But nothing listed under it. Nothing. Not the three member computer names..nothing. Just the group. There is a Lexmark on one notebook also set to share when workgroup made but it doesn't show either. I guess the real problem is that the computers don't show up.

    On any of the three if you double click the workgroup, there is some momentary activity (hourglass) but group never expands to show members or assets.

    The common piece is the Belkin wireless router. The desktop is plugged into it via ethernet, router into cable modem. The notebooks are connected through it via wireless. Are there permissions associated with the router??? Do all three computers have the same permission problems?? Note all three network setups were done using Network setup Wizard (many times) by the Administrator on each computer.

    Rick Rice
  3. If you hardwire one of the laptops to the router, can it then see the desktop which is also hard wired? It may be a wireless problem. I don't know what kind of router you have, but perhaps the wireless portion has some extra firewall settings that don't pertain to the hardwired connections.
  4. ok have you set the printer to shared
    seps 1 to 3
  5. sorry missed that bit in you post but link is good as a ckeck list for what you are doing
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