Gtx 650

I've had a inno3D 8800 GT which died a few days back, so i'm sitting with Intel HD Graphics 2000.
I would like to ask what is the better videocards of the GTX650s (non Ti)?

My setup:
AsRock H61M-VS motherboard
4GB Ram

I'm considering to go with the Asus GTX650
but i'm open to any suggestions :)
thanks in advance everyone
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  1. MSI GTX 650 OC
    Only thing is that it has a mini-HDMI unless you use DVI which is better
  2. MSI would be my first choice, but Asus are definitely a safe bet too.
  3. hello
    get the 650ti !
    I had the 650non ti.
    Was rubbish and huge difference between the two
  4. Yeah, and GTX660 is massively better still :-) Was gonna advise something faster, figured OP wanted to stick to that kind of budget though. A GTX650 is gonna be comparable to a 4870 anyway, which is easily 60% faster than an 8800GT.
  5. Unfortunately, the MSI one isn't available in stores in my country. And i wanna keep the budget. Thankyou everyone for your help, didn't expect it to be so fast.
    Originally i wanted to buy the Zotac gtx550 Ti, but there's none of those in my town as i found out.
    But if you were to decide only between Zotac, Palit and Asus(all gtx650 non-Ti), which would you recommend ?
  6. Of those, definitely Asus. But why buy from a shop when you could buy online? What country is it by the way?
  7. Moldova. it's in Europe :)
    Delivery to here costs at least 40 bucks on average on any product.
  8. Do you know and
  9. i know MCS, although i don't know the second one and don't know if I can buy from them. usually I use to browse prices for specific products.
    Thanks for being so interested in my dilemma.
    I think i'll buy the Asus one tomorrow. Thankyou again
  10. Enjoy your hopefully new gaming experience
  11. No problem :-) Feel free to PM or open a new thread if you have any problems getting it set up.
  12. Just bought the card and installed it. Everything works great. I want to thanks the community again for such quick help. :)
    <img src="" />
  13. Now a case upgrade :D
  14. Pleasure - have fun with it :-)
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