Amd radeon 7470 wont go into 1920x1080

Im trying to get my card to go into 1920x1080 but it wont even show that it can. largest i can get it at is 1680x1050 anyone got any ideas?
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  1. Very odd have you installed the drivers for the card? The card should be able to reach 1080p also what monitor are you currently using?
  2. i figured out what was going on it was in 1080p 1920x1080 but i had to turn my monitor onto widescreen it was on normal easy fix but at the moment im trying to fix is my text when im on browsers is not at all crisp its kinda blurry sometimes not sure what causes it.
  3. Hmm very odd it shouldn't be blurry could you do a print screen and link or post the img using bbc code img code.
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