Which looks the best?

I'm looking for a good looking 660(non ti)
It has come down to three choices, wondering if the community could help me out ;).




Now this is just for aesthetics so don't compare in terms of performance, I just want comparisons in personal preference i.e which YOU think LOOKS best, Thank you!!!
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  1. The PNY gets my vote. Pretty traditional/conservative, but those MSI Twin Frozr coolers are UGLY. But very effective :-) What country are you in?
  2. England, You really think the fans on the MSI look ugly? I think they are smexy but I guess you can't please everyone lol.
  3. EVGA gets my vote. If the Twin Frozer showed a little less card it would win.
  4. Like ibjeepr says :-) They're definitely the most distinctive, but I don't like the styling. My brother has one though and they are top notch coolers. Reason I ask about country is that EVGA offer the best warranties by miles here. Register your details and you get 10 years. Best anyone else can do is 3, and that's just PNY and Gigabyte. If your card died in 8 years (and it would do pretty well to last that long!) EVGA will replace it with the 2021 alternative. I think that's pretty awesome.
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