Sapphire Radeon 7770 vs XFX Radeon 7770 for gaming upgrade

Hi everyone

System: Asus m2a-vm hdmi mobo
Amd am2 6000+ 64 bit cpu
2gb corsair ram and 2gb kingston ram
120gb Sandisk ssd
500gb WD HDD
Current graphics card: Ati Radeon 4640 hdmi

I play a lot of games and until recently I could play everything just fine. I bough L.A Noire and now the graphics is extremely slow!!

Im looking at one of the 2 cards in the title, but not enirely sure if that will give me a descent upgrade for another 3 years. Budget is very tight but I would like to buy the card within the next 2 weeks.

Please help me out? I can get the XTX for R1700, around $165, and the Sapphire for R1600, around $155.
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  1. I have had good results with cards of either brand. Right now, my personal rigs are all running XFX cards. If your PSU is a cheap one that came with your case, I would suggest a HD7750 instead, which uses very little power and is still a substantial jump over what you have now.
  2. Well, I just bought the CoolerMaster extreme power 500W psu so that should be fine. How about the comparison between 7770 and the 6850? Everywhere I see everyone rates th e 6850 quite highly?
  3. Ouch, a CM... Well, the Extreme Power PLUS is actually capable of 500W, but becomes electrically noisy and very inefficient at or above 400W; I don't know about the Extreme Power though, I couldn't find a competent technical review, but here's an old forum reference:
    (so yeah, it's obsolete, inefficient, and overrated)
  4. So you think I should rather return it? Budgets are very tight and Im in SA, so add some more cash to the US pricing...
  5. coolermaster psu are crapy return it.hd 7770 is very good choice.add 2gb ram need 4gb ram to play most of the games
  6. both of them are good choices. There is nothing difference between them both of them show the same perfomance
  7. K, I got the supplier to exchange the psu, Ill get a Thermaltake or someting. Right now Im aiming at a 700w psu just in case. For only $10, R100 more. Then Ill get the XFX 7700 early next year. Thanks everyone.
  8. Thermaltake isn't much better, unless it's 80+. Get an 80+ PSU, not so much for the efficiency, but because it would have been tested at 100% of its label. They use an artificially low temperature of 23C for testing, but in the absence of competent technical reviews it's better than nothing.
    If where you buy has a web site, post it and we can look and see if they have some decent PSUs.

    Now Im looking at the Gigabyte Supurb 620w? Thats about the max I could go with regard to spends.

    Thanks for the help!!
  10. Awesome, I thougt of it as well, but its gonna take a while. Ill order it anyway. Thank you very much for the help.

    Can you help me here as well please?
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