New built won't boot and now I'm lost. Video in description.

I built a new pc last week, and it won't boot. Pressing the power button will cause the fans to spin up for about 2 seconds, the everything turns off, waits a couple seconds, then starts up again. This process repeats until I cut the power.

Here's my parts list:
And a video of what happens when I try to boot:

After reading around and talking to some tech-savvy friends, as well as reading reviews for my old PSU(Rosewill HIVE-650, explanation incoming), I was almost entirely sure that the PSU was the problem. RMA'd and replaced with my SeaSonic SS650-AM, and now I have the same problem.

I've almost entirely deconstructed the computer trying to figure out what the problem is, to the point that I had nothing but the motherboard with CPU connected to the PSU; graphics card was removed, HDD and optical drive disconnected, case pins(power/reset switch, HDD LED, and power LED) disconnected. Shorted the power pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver, and it went about 6 or 7 seconds before restarting, in stead of just 1 to 2. Added a stick of ram, and that 6-7 dropped back to 1-2. I tried all combinations of my 2 sticks of ram in the 2 ram slots, all with the same result.

Based upon the above, I can only conclude that the problem exists with the motherboard, CPU, or ram, though I have no idea which and I don't really even know if it really is one of them. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

Further possibly-pertinent information: My case does not have a built in system speaker, and I don't have one anywhere around here, so all my troubleshooting has been nothing more that shots in the dark without the beeps.
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  1. I sadly dont have a solution for your problem - however, my rig does the exact same thing!
  2. Thanks for the link, now I have a second thread to watch for a possible solution.
  3. Thanks for the link, now I have a second thread to watch for a possible solution.
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