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I have the Acer Aspire 7741G since 2010 August. I have a problem with network connection. When I use 3G modems or or even my wifi (mi-fi) modem to connect to the internet, I get an error message stating that my computer requires network acces. This is regardless of the fact that I can browse the net and access many sites at the time, showing that I do have internet access/connection. What puzzles me is that this error only pops up when I have to "Activate or Register" software" that i haev bought in the internet. eg Magix 16 Pro and Corel Photoshop 3 or 4.
I ahve tried to reduce the security levels of my antivirus Mccafee but this is not working. Whenever this error popps up, I confirm connection through browsing other sites like facebook, wikipedia, google etc) whcih i gain access to.

Please advice.


Victor Xaba
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Some programmes can't see past the default connection in Internet Options and if that is inactive, it assumes you aren't on the Net. Poor programme coding but sadly, reality.

    Go into Control Panel>Internet Options or find that in Internet Explorer's Tools menu and under the Connection tab, remove anything you don't need. Click the LAN button and tick "Automatically detect settings, click Apply and OK your way out.

    That may ease the confusion.

  2. have you ever try to reinstall acer aspire 7741g wireless LAN driver, you can get it from here:
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