AMD MSI 7750 Not booting


I seem to have a problem where my graphics card is not being recognized by the computer and I'm not sure what the issue is. First I have tried and tested this graphics card in another computer before and I know it works.

PC specs:
Intel pentium g840
MSI H61M-P20-G3
8GB crucial ballistix RAM
500W Cooler Master Elite Power PSU

The PC boots up perfectly fine using the on board graphics. The GPU fan powers on when plugged in so it must be getting power. Also it shows up on my TV as an available input but doesn't get any signal. I'm confused as to what could be the problem? any suggestions would be great!
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  1. Boot up into the bios without the card installed and look for an option to initialize the pcie video, sometimes referred to as PEG, first.
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